Why Prumatech?

Prumatech believes it is not necessary that the largest vendors with significant scale are always the best option for customer enterprises. As a medium-sized services provider, we are a viable sourcing option for customers who want to achieve greater cost advantage apart from quality and delivery capability promised by large suppliers, while still maintaining risk at lower levels.

Our growth is the result of our commitment to provide quality services and effective solutions which sets us apart from our competition.

Some of the advantages of having Prumatech as your vendor by choice include:

  • Allowing us to take care of your Enterprise Asset needs and allows you to concentrate on your core business.
  • We ensure that the increasing responsibility associated with Health, Safety and Environmental (HSE) is effectively managed
  • Provides an independent company, responsible and accountable to the asset owners / shareholders, for managing the commercial and technical risks associated with the plant or project.
  • Provides a mechanism for contracting out plant failure risk.
  • Ensures project timescales are not compromised by the owner being distracted while trying to set up the whole O&M function from scratch.
  • We provide access to expertise and experience, without the need for major internal training or recruitment investment.
  • Our proven track record.
  • Our expertise and ability to identify and eliminate duplicate items, leading to reduced Inventory costs.
  • Specialised Master Data Preparation leads to improved information quality resulting in an efficient purchasing process.
  • Our Predictive Maintenance procedures ensure increased component life/availability.
  • Our Reliability Centred Maintenance eliminates unnecessary maintenance or overhauls.
  • Presence of experienced consultants in Maintenance and Materials Management.
  • Our well documented Operation and Maintenance philosophy.
  • Strong independence as there is no tie up to any specific supplier.

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