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The services offered by Prumatech Infosystems include:

  • Materials Master Data Preparation and Enrichment
  • Material Coding
  • Inventory Solutions
  • Equipment Master Data preparation
  • Creation of Common Service Master
  • Information Technology Services

Materials Master Data Preparation and Enrichment

Even the best of breed materials management system will be rendered ineffective if insufficient thought and effort goes into preparation of Master Data. This data has a direct bearing on the transactions that are carried out.

Prumatech, with its extensive experience of preparing Catalogues and its association with Shell, is capable of preparing a catalogue that is world class. We are capable of preparing catalogues based on the old style of Line based as well as the current trend of Noun modifier format. We do not believe in a “single solution fits all” strategy. A thorough study is made of the existing or proposed Materials Management System to understand the client needs. Based on this an optimum cataloguing solution is developed

We also assist you in Vendor Master Data preparation. The importance of having a scientific vendor master is well known. It enables a lesser lead time and also purchase of the right material.

Whatever be your choice of Materials Management system, Prumatech is confident of ensuring that the Materials and Vendor master meet your exacting standards.

Other services offered to enrich your data include:

Data Cleansing : We detect, remove and/or correct data that is incorrect, out-of-date, redundant or incomplete. This ensures that there is data integrity, leading to optimum performance of the system.

Data Enrichment : We add value to data to make it highly structured. We structure the source data with reference from the manufacturer’s catalogue or through other resources.

Structured Cataloguing, whereby classification of material data is carried out based on the noun and modifier system of cataloguing and data is structured according to standard attributes.

Standardization of data is executed by applying standard values and information with reference to international standards for generic/standard items

.We also help in Cross referencing of items i.e. identifying equivalent item from a different manufacturer, identification of a similar item with almost the same specifications from a different manufacturer.

Material Coding

A scientific Material Coding System offer benefits such as:

  • Achieving uniqueness in the existing stock
  • Avoiding duplication
  • Easy identification by the end user
  • Ease of procurement by extension or derivation of the existing code to the current requirement
  • Categorising the item accurately

We adopt a Logical and Auto coding to classify products and services by following international systems such as MESC (Material and Equipment Standards and Code), UNSPSC (The United Nations Standard Products and Services Code) etc.

Our role does not end with the preparation of a structured material coding system. We also provide support services for remote online material catalogue maintenance, updating etc. In other words, we take complete responsibility of your cataloguing needs thereby freeing your valuable manpower for more important activities.

Inventory Solutions

We offer a wide range of services to study and assess the health of your current Inventory Management processes. Some of these include:

  • Develop and document effective procedures
  • Physical Inventory verification and Stock Reconciliation
  • Estimation of value of current inventory
  • Estimation of excess inventory
  • Study and arrive at optimum stock levels to be held
  • Arriving at Appropriate re order levels based on consumption
  • Studying the effectiveness of Vendors’ performance
  • Shelf life and ageing analysis
  • Creation and review of Spare Parts Inter Changeabi
  • Inventory analysis like FSN, ABC etc.

Equipment Master Data preparation

Irrespective of the Computerised Maintenance Management System (CMMS) selected, Data format plays a vital role as it affects the information when queried. The data entry should be consistent for the system to be effective and give the valid and correct information when a query is given or when a report or a graph is requested by the end user.

It is very important to know how to collect data, track data, reconfigure and analyze the information. Data collection and Data entry needs a proper plan. User should know how, why, when and where conditions are to be applied on data. This will give an idea on the data collection and Data entry.

Prumatech has a talented pool of Engineers who help in this data preparation activity. This ensures that your Engineers are free to carry on with their core activities. We have the experience of Data preparation for some of the leading CMMS applications.

Creation of Common Service Master

Prumatech has the experience and capability to develop a comprehensive and effective Service Master that provides for contractual and procurement solutions including:

  • Consolidated list defining various services performed by the contractors in the plant
  • Preparation of a Uniform Structure / Definition among various plants of an organization to ensure standardization of service description and removal of duplicates.
  • Review Schedule of Rates (SOR’s) from all Plants
  • Segregate the Services in to their respective categories and groups.
  • Frame Hierarchy for each category and group. Higher and Lower Services are identified and linked thus creating a coding structure.
  • Service descriptions are updated with complete specifications, short text is prepared specifying Service Item/ area of Work/Specification

Companies make significant investments in their physical assets and these need to be properly maintained to operate efficiently. A well-maintained facility provides a safe and productive work environment while creating lasting value. At the same time Global competitiveness necessitates close monitoring of performances and the need to continuously improve in all potential areas. Hence there has been a paradigm shift from Reactive Strategy to Proactive Strategy. Our consultants have the required experience in reliability and maintenance management.

Information Technology Services

Prumatech 's Information Technology Division in Chennai, India is dedicated to providing support to Materials and Maintenance Management offering the following services:

  • Development of software and tools for Maintenance & Materials
  • Data mapping and restructuring
  • Data conversion/transcription work such as CMT /INTERMAT and formatted text
  • Creation and development of ESPIRs

Prumatech has set up a Client Server environment with multimedia capabilities and CAD facilities and latest software in Chennai, India as well as in Abu Dhabi to provide the requisite services to industry, particularly, for Materials and Maintenance Management.

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