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To ensure optimum plant performance, equipment must be operated and maintained within its performance and maintenance parameters. Modern equipment tends to be more complex in nature, relying on sensitive control and operating systems. Therefore, the type of maintenance required is somewhat different to that required previously and cannot be met by a conventional maintenance crew.

The above factors, along with the increasingly competitive nature of business, have triggered an entirely new approach in the area of maintenance engineering. The need for a large permanent force of maintenance technicians, each specializing in a different trade is no longer considered tenable.

Prumatech offers its clients experienced technical manpower with integrated skills. We have drawn our technical expertise from various industrial sectors such as Refinery, Petrochemicals, Cement, Power Generation, Fertilizers, Bulk drugs, Sugar and Mining & Metallurgical Companies.

  • Operation & Maintenance Services
  • Turnkey Turnaround Maintenance and Machinery overhauls
  • Relocation of Plants
  • Electrical Projects
  • Warehousing Operations
  • EPC Client Operational Support Services
  • Recruitment / Resource Services
  • Maintenance Audits
  • Reliability Centered Maintenance
  • Risk Based Maintenance
  • Condition Monitoring
  • Failure Analysis
  • Criticality Analysis

Operation & Maintenance Services

Prumatech has the capability to handle Total Operation & Maintenance and Shutdown needs of continuous process plants and power plants. Prumatech has a pool of skilled manpower on its rolls that are available at short notice for undertaking O&M and shutdown jobs in a timely manner. The tasks are carried out to a high quality using specialised equipment as required. We have a very experienced pool of engineers who support and guide field teams on all technical matters. In addition to standard equipment such as pumps, motors etc., we also have the necessary capabilities to take up specialty equipment maintenance such as turbines, compressors, high-pressure vessels, heat exchangers etc.Some of the activities involved in the preparation of O&M and Shutdown Maintenance offers are:

  • Assisting in estimating and providing manpower requirement for the whole complex
  • Preparing templates of the core technical team
  • Mobilising suitable personnel for each of the positions
  • Orienting and training personnel to suit the needs of the client's plant
  • Carrying out O & M or Shutdown activities as per the applicable codes and practices, approved standard maintenance procedures, equipment service sheet and O&M /Shutdown manual guidelines
  • Adopting Safety, Health and Environmental measures after evaluating each plant's requirement. Developing and incorporating safety procedures for plant operations. Introducing safety permit to avoid accidents.
  • Developing log sheets, shift reports and MIS for posterity and review, analysis of process data.
  • Adopting NDT and Condition Monitoring Techniques to monitor the condition of the equipment so that corrective actions can be taken. This reduces breakdowns and unplanned shutdowns. Preparing comprehensive preventive maintenance schedules
  • Applying the concept of opportunity maintenance i.e. taking advantage of any unexpected situations.
  • Developing start up and shut down procedures for all systems and equipment.
  • Preparing Do's and Don'ts for all systems
  • Preparing operating manuals for the benefit and reference of operating personnel. This eliminates mal-operations for lack of equipment knowledge.
  • Preparing annual maintenance plans. Integrating maintenance activities with the shut down that may arise on account of statutory requirements, raw material outages, and catalyst renewals.
  • Developing standards with procedures for rationalising jobs done by different technicians. Maintaining history cards for all equipment.
  • Establishing procedures/standards for chemical analysis.
  • Establishing a high on-stream factor, load factor and MBF and hence achieve low maintenance and spares cost. Attaining comparative results against benchmarks established for each type of industry.

Turnkey Turnaround Maintenance and Machinery overhauls

The need for experienced technical personnel always goes up during turn around periods and the work load on the internal maintenance staff of many Companies is stretched to its limits. Prumatech can provide the required peak resource levels in all the disciplines required during shutdowns. This will ensure that the Shut down Turnaround Maintenance is a stress free time for all concerned.It can also provide the means by which the progress of the entire project can be monitored together with a computerized follow-up package.

PRUMATECH has formulated four specialist groups to cater to the needs of turn around maintenance of Plants.

  • Reciprocating Equipment Group

    Reciprocating Equipment Group staffed by experienced Professional Personnel provide Turnkey Services for Preparations of Field remedial measure and major maintenance of reciprocating compressors.Preparation and execution of Preventive Maintenance Programs consisting of formal schedules and task implementation.

    Refurbishment of reciprocating compressor, from cylinder resizing, instrument control calibration, modernization, complete removal, relocating alignment and regrouting the same with necessary pipe connection.

  • Rotating Equipment Group

    Rotating Equipment Group provides the technical supervision and mechanical personnel whom Provide specialist maintenance and assist in planning scheduling and executing the refurbishment of rotating machinery during planned Turnaround.

    Perform major and minor inspection overhauls and remedial maintenance of steam turbines and centrifugal compressor and blower. Restore the equipment to the original equipment and manufacturer specification to lessen the frequency of overhaul.

  • Instrumentation & Electrical Group

    Retrofit and upgrade of machinery instrument and controls system of machinery functions or outages Installation and commissioning of new control panel or main control panel.

    Servicing of control valves and reconditioning of the instrument control valves Erection of process control instruments and commissioning the same.

  • Static Equipment Group

    ServicingInspection services at vendor site during manufacturing activities, Pressure testing of vessels and heat exchangers.

Relocation of Plants

It is truly the Globalisation Era now and this requires many an Organisation to dismantle and relocate its plant to a more conducive business environment. This requires considerable expertise. Prumatech, with its mixture of plant engineering and materials experience is in a unique position to provide the requisite skill base for such complex tasks.

By virtue of its plant engineering and materials management expertise (specialization) PRUMATECH can handle plant relocation work (including offshore too onshore) with ease. PRUMATECH adopts a five pronged approach to plant relocations.

  • Equipment Audit for Usability and Maintainability
  • Refurbishment
  • Failure Analysis
  • Erection & commissioning and follow up
  • Indigenisation of Spare Parts

Electrical Projects

In the field of power projects we render assistance in Electrical Engineering in the following areas:

  • High Voltage Substation
  • Industrial Electrification
  • Project & Process Electrification
  • Fire Engineering

Our Services includes:

  1. Design and Engineering services for all associated electrical works from 11 KV to 220 KV
  2. Engineering services for extension of substation
  3. Design and Detailed engineering services for Fire Protection System
  4. Preparation of Design and Drawings for substation
  5. Preparation of Cable schedule and Interconnection diagram
  6. To carry out the Plant study on the electricals including illumination level system in any industry to cater to Safety and Statutory requirements
  7. To carry out the Testing and Commissioning of substation equipments in diverse Industrial sectors including Installation as the case may be

In addition to the above services, we also carry out the energy audit and conservation studies from concept to implementation of Energy Conservations in the field of Thermal and Electrical Energy through our Associates.

Our Associates have worked with major industries such as Cement, Petrochemical, Heavy Engineering etc., and Commercial Complexes. They have the necessary approvals from Tamil Nadu Electricity Board for conducting energy audit both in HT industries and Commercial establishments.

We conduct Maintenance Training Programme on:

  • Electrical Power Distribution System
  • Major Electrical Equipment like Transformers, drives and Controls, Lighting etc.
  • Electrical System protection
  • HVAC System

Warehousing Operations

Managing of all supplies and equipment used to support a plant or agency calls for an involved effort. We undertake responsibilities involving the management, from acquisition to disposal, of these. Our capability and responsibilities towards this include procurement, receipt, storage, control, issuance, inventory, and delivery of material.

The major functions that we provide include:

  • Procure, Receive, issue, ship and arrange stock in proper location using machinery as needed.
  • Inspect items for conformance with specifications.
  • Conduct inventories and maintain inventory records and reports.
  • Confer with department heads, vendors, and outside agencies concerning purchases, deliveries, and acceptability of supplies.

Our warehousing specialists have knowledge and experience in all areas pertaining to Warehouse Management.

EPC Client Operational Support Services

Prumatech provides clients with access to a full range of services, tailored to meet the operational requirements of both new and existing plants. Our services extend into areas often falling between the responsibilities of the client the EPC contractor and the end user. It is important that these areas are identified and addressed at the early stages of the FEED/EPC contract.

Prumatech is able to provide the necessary engineering resources to review and assist clients in the development of the overall Asset Management Plan, to address Operations and Maintenance Implementation and provide the necessary systems and procedures to support the Operations establishment team during the early phase of the project through to long term operations.

Recruitment / Resource Services

Through a unique combination of competencies, knowledge and experience, Prumatech also offers Manpower services, be it permanent staffing or secondment on a short term basis. Our relationships with a number of International recruitment companies combined with in-house recruitment capability enables us to offer clients a truly global recruitment service, specialising in the Oil & Gas, Petrochemicals, Refinery, Fine Chemicals and Power & Energy Industry. We offer experienced engineers and consultants to work in client project teams on all project phases.

Disciplines addressed are Project Management, Procurement, Planning, Cost Control, Contract Management, Basic Engineering, Detailed CAD Design, Engineering, Construction, Commissioning, Start-up and Operations including maintenance. Our aim is to support client project teams with our experienced staff or to provide recruitment services to client organisations world wide.

Maintenance Audits

Prumatech’s trained consultants will evaluate thoroughly the current maintenance strategies that have been adopted. This study will help in arriving at the gap between what is being followed and what is desired as far as maintenance practices are concerned. We do not limit ourselves as critics in arriving at the Gaps - we also provide solutions with the corrective measures that need to be taken to improve the overall health of the plant by adopting best of breed maintenance practices.

Reliability Centered Maintenance

Reliability-Centered Maintenance is a method for developing and selecting maintenance design alternatives, based on safety, operational and economic criteria. It is a method by which operators can use its failure data, system design redundancies and operating experiences to develop a flexible and effective maintenance system.

Prumatech has the expertise and experience of executing RCM by making use of pre selected commercial tools for this service. RCM will enable you to optimize the operational reliability of plant equipment. The process by which we select a reliability strategy is very systematic and logical.

Risk Based Maintenance

Risk-Based Maintenance (or RBM) uses the identical functional description of systems, sub-systems, functional failures and failure modes that RCM employs but it is different in that the criticality class is replaced with an explicit risk calculation. Some of the benefits of adopting a RBM include improved Safety and Reduced Risk, long-Term Cost Saving, improved Inspection and Maintenance Planning. In addition RBM also helps in making informed decisions

Condition Monitoring

Condition Monitoring is frequently used as a Predictive or Condition-Based Maintenance technique. There is an increasing use of Condition Monitoring techniques to highlight potential equipment problems.

Condition Monitoring is the use of advanced technologies in order to determine equipment condition, and potentially predict failure. We provide services such as Vibration Measurement and Analysis which ensure avoiding unnecessary stopping and opening of an equipment, equipment life extension through trend monitoring.

Failure Analysis

At the time of refurbishment Prumatech will study the wear pattern and failure phenomenon of components which failed in the past. To avoid its recurrence a detailed failure analysis is carried out using techniques like Failure Modes Effective Analysis (FMEA) and appropriate design changes to enhance the reliability of the components are suggested.

Criticality Analysis

Prumatech have developed spreadsheets with fields to enter the key factors in order to calculate the criticality of system and individual equipment.

The process is very simple and takes very little time to determine the criticality. We have experience in applying modern tools like IDEF (Integrated DEFinition method) to develop the functional block diagrams and precisely calculate the criticality.

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