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Shell Global Solutions

Shell Global Solutions has its origins in the Research and Technical Service organization that supports the Royal Dutch/ Shell Group’s worldwide activities. It is a dynamic service organization with the aim of increasing their clients’ business performance. Combining leading-edge technology with extensive operating experience they provide innovative and practical solutions that are designed to have maximum financial impact.

Our Experience and Capability with Shell Global Solutions enables us to implement World class Cataloguing & Coding Systems. Prumatech is supported by Shell International in the conversion of home grown materials catalogues of various clients into CMT formats. Shell also provides us the latest developments, technical know how, software and training to our personnel in CMT.

E-SPIR 2000

Proper planning and control of spare parts inventory is a critical component of an effective asset management program. If the right parts are not on hand when needed for routine maintenance or repairs, downtime is prolonged. If too many parts are on hand, the enterprise absorbs excessive costs and the overhead of carrying the inventory.

E-SPIR 2000 (Electronic Spare Parts and Interchangeability Record) is a means to obtain spare parts information from the equipment suppliers in a standard format. It supports the Purchaser in reviewing and selecting spare parts.

The E-SPIR 2000 program includes the know-how and expertise built over many years and by using the program you will have the opportunity to manage your review process and reduce your spare parts costs considerably.

Electronic Commerce Code Management Association (ECCMA)

When developing e-commerce initiatives and strategies, most organizations today realize the benefits of open standards for content. These benefits include improved competition, interconnectivity and interoperability. In order to establish a true standard there must be processes and procedures that allow for equal participation among all interested parties. Participating in standards development is one of the best ways to stay informed and to build close relationships with companies around the world. Prumatech has done just this by becoming a member of Electronic Commerce Code Management Association.


Strategic is a privately held company with two strategic regional headquarters based in Australia and North America. Strategic also has 39 key agents throughout the world, servicing its over 2,000+ site licensees of the unique reliability tools, SOS and RCM Turbo. They provide a 'world class' set of optimization tools, techniques, methodologies and services.

Strategic's focus is on often neglected areas such as Spares and Maintenance strategy optimization. Strategic's powerful, expert knowledge-based decision support systems are both inexpensive and easy to implement.

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